Our Ministries

Our diverse services provide food for hungry families, guidance for new mothers, heat for cold families, encouragement for fathers, along with so much more.

The Moms & Tots Center has increased its programs, His House, our dad’s ministry has a new home, and the resale shop and furniture store are booming. Families are struggling and everybody is looking to stretch their dollar.

Scroll down to read more about each of our ministries, and how we're striving to serve the Lord by reaching out to those in need.

Food Pantry

Food Services

The Good Samaritan Food Pantry provides area families with a place to come when times are tough to collect food for their hungry family. The pantry is stocked with a large assortment of food items, including meats, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Our non-profit status allows us to purchase the majority of our food items at a large discount from our local Manna food bank. We enjoy donations of fruits and vegetables from our local growers. We are currently feeding over 2000 people each month!

Emergency Services

The phone rings off the hook at the Good Samaritan. Senior citizens without heat, young moms with an electric shut-off, disabled folks being evicted, people desperately looking for emergency help with emergency situations come to us. It is a blessing to have the ability to help families stay warm, stay in their homes, or solve an emergency situation. Oftentimes we work with other partnering agencies to be able to provide the necessary assistance. We also are able to act as a source for referrals to agencies better suited for specific needs.

Referral Services

There are times when our clients may come in looking for assistance that we cannot provide. Luckily, more times than not we know know where to direct him/her for assistance. Our referral program has become an important part of the services we provide. Sometimes our clients simply need to be pointed in the right direction, whether it be for help with items like medical issues or employment opportunities. We have made many connections with other non-profit organizations in the area that provide support often needed.

Sammy’s Shoes

A few years ago we saw a need for good shoes for area students. We had moms coming in to find shoes for their young ones and buying shoes that were “close enough” in size, we’ve seen the shoes on kids that were duck taped together, and heard the desperation. So we began Sammy’s Shoes, a shoe store in our resale shop stocked with new shoes in sizes from preschool size 8 all the day to big guys size 13. The shoes are for students that are on some kind of assistance, including free and reduced lunch. The shoes are free for kids, but we are happy to take donations!

Our Partners

We've partnered with a number of great organizations in the area, which allow us to offer such a wide variety of services to the local families in need.

  • - Manna Food Bank
  • - The Father Fred Foundation
  • - Food Rescue
  • - The Salvation Army
  • - Local Growers
  • - NW Michigan Food Coalition
  • - Weather Warriors

Our Wish List

There are a number of common items that we aren't able to get from our pantry supplier at a discounted rate, and as a result, we are left paying full store price. We strive to have these common items on hand for the families we assist, and so, we have put this wish list together to let our donors know others ways in which they can help.

  • - Assorted Soups
  • - Cereal
  • - Canned Vegetables
  • - Macaroni and Cheese
  • - Peanut Butter
  • - Tuna fish
  • - Personal Products (Shampoo, Soaps)

Moms & Tots Center

What is Moms & Tots

Moms & Tots Center is a Christian ministry that provides support and services to pregnant women and mothers of children from infants to 5 years old. We provide pregnancy tests, counseling resources, and tools to help with the task of being a parent. We help moms through tough times, and share in the happy times too! We build relationships with the families that come to us. We are staffed by a Director and Assistant director and a group of about 25 volunteers.

Mother’s Resource Center

Support we have available includes:

  • - Mentor Counseling
  • - Accurate Pregnancy information
  • - STIs and Abstinence Information
  • - Educational Opportunities
  • - Community Referrals and Resources
  • - Adoption Information
  • - Car seats, strollers
  • - Maternity Clothes
  • - Free Pregnancy Tests

Baby Resource Closet

Our young moms are excited to see the variety of supplies we offer, including:

  • - Diapers
  • - Wipes
  • - Baby food and formula
  • - Blankets and baby items
  • - Clothing

Earn While You Learn

The Center has a library of instructional videos on many subjects from pre-birth to parenting. The EWYL program is designed to help with parenting skills. By taking classes or watching videos moms can earn car seats, baby swings, cribs, high chairs, strollers, and more!

Mentor Program

A new baby can sometimes be overwhelming for young mothers. Our Mentor Program provides a young mother with a mature caring women to counsel and assist the young mother through pregnancy, birth, as well as baby care needs.

Our Wish List

There are a variety of items we constantly need at the Moms and Tots Center to properly assist our clients. Here is a list of items we are always looking for:

  • - Gently used maternity clothing
  • - Clean baby clothing (birth-size 4)
  • - Baby blankets, sheets
  • - Diapers, baby wipes
  • - Food, formula, cereal
  • - High Chairs, Cribs
  • - Car seats, strollers
  • - Toys, books

Along with the items listed above, the center is always looking for new volunteers to assist in mentoring and counseling our young mothers in need. If interested, please visit our contact page to let us know and we will be sure to contact you to get more information about your volunteering interest.

His House

Who We Are

His House, a new outreach of Good Samaritan Family Services is a program to encourage dads. His House is committed to meeting men where they are, and standing with them as navigate through the gauntlet of life. This is a place of friendship, support, and encouragement. We come alongside men and take the journey of life with them, one step at a time.

Services Offered

We engage men in various ways including:
  • - One on one mentoring
  • - Parenting classes
  • - Men’s Bible study
  • - Men’s life coaching
  • - Father Child activities- picnics, camping trips, daddy-daughter dance, etc
  • - Earn While You Learn: earning family resources like cribs and car seats, fuel and auto parts store certificates
  • - Men’s group outings: fishing expeditions, hunting, building projects, retreats,.etc

Resale Shop and Furniture Store

Treasures for Sale

Our resale shop is packed full of all sorts of treasures. With weekly sales, and new items always surfacing, there is something for everyone at our resale shop. Our furniture store (located downtown Ellsworth) has everything from couches, to coffee tables, to trinkets.

Revenue generated from our resale shop and furniture store sales help support our food pantry and maintenance costs for our ministries. We also use the donations we receive to provide clothes, coats, shoes, and other essentials to some of our less fortunate customers for little to no cost to them.

Donating Items

We gladly accept clean, useable items any time we are open (hours of service found here). We ask that items not be left outside our building during closed hours, mainly because these items will often become unusable. If you have questions about whether items are in good enough condition for us to take please don't be afraid to ask, we will be happy to help.

Wacky, Fun Atmosphere

We like to have fun! When you come into our resale shop you may notice that the atmosphere is upbeat and even a little quirky! Examples of our weekly sales are “buy something with a zipper get the next zippered item free!” or “buy a top get a bottom free”, and our most popular sale is the $5 bag sale! Our prices are very low, most tops and bottoms are $1, sweaters and jeans are $2, and baby clothes are 50 cents, and kids clothes are $1. We are anxious to help, and enjoy sharing a story or two! Come in and enjoy the treasure hunt! Our furniture store is full of treasures! We have vintage, classic, and well loved items throughout the large store front and in 3 bays too! Bring your truck and trailer when you come in to shop, you’ll find something to take home!

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